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BassWestUSA readers! It has been a slammin’ four months on the road for Rebecca and I. Matter of fact, we were only home for 7 nights in the rst 101 days of the year. Our Operation Outdoors USA soldier program which bene ts the nonpro t Lone Survivor Foundation was a monstrous success for us. Traveling to 11 major cities we were able to collect a little over 3,000 soldier signatures on our new Phoenix bass boat! This boat will be donated to the new Lone Survivor ranch in the fall and used weekly as a therapy/healing tool for wounded warriors. If you’re not familiar with the Lone Survivor Foundation it was founded by retired Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell who wrote the New York Times Best Seller, Lone Survivor. This book is amazing and has inspired Rebecca and me to help pay it forward to help those who have given so much to their country. You can learn more about the Lone Survivor Foundation by visiting their website at The last several weeks have had us on the road lming for season four of Jarrett Ed- wards Outdoors and I really feel like this season is going to be the best one yet! We just returned home last night from Lake Havasu which is on re! We lmed with great buddy and past FLW/US Open winner Justin Kerr. Now Justin is a great guy who does many posi- tive things for the sport. It really surprised me though how quick he had us on the sh… especially since he just arrived from the last FLW tour event back east and hadn’t seen the lake in several weeks. Fishing was outstanding as Justin put us on several 4 pound smallies and a couple of largemouth about 6 pounds apiece! We lmed for 6 hours and had 24 pounds for our ve largest! As I write this, we are heading out the door to the Delta and the Columbia River in Washington and truth be told, I can’t wait to start catching them again! I will keep you posted on our season four launch in midsummer as we have some very exciting news coming down the pipeline… I have almost forgotten how crazy successful lming can be. We do things a little different than most standard shing shows with underwater divers and at times, aerial video. So in perspective you can have up to four different camera operators at once. This gets confusing and dif cult as to who lms what and when! I wouldn’t have it any other way though. Have I told you how much I love my job??? For now, it’s so good to be home, if only for a night. It’s kind of weird not having to sanitize the hotel room daily. I’m guilty of al- ways looking out the window every hour to check on your rig parked in the dark park- ing area or worrying about ght) Jarrett and Justin Kerr (ri what restaurant’s good to lming on Havasu eat at, etc. Being home is so nice and something I will not take for granted again. Ahhh… no place like home! Till next time remember to wear your life vest. Too many boat- ers have already lost their precious lives this year in tragic accidents on the water, many of who could have been saved by wearing life jackets. Have a blessed week ahead! BWU

Magic Swimmer SOFT

The ORIGINAL Magic Swimmer is the tournament proven king of jointed, hard swimbaits.

Fast-sinking models now available, plus sinking and slow sinking

Fast-sinking versions swim on the drop, without any angler action

Perfect for power fi shing due to their innovative engineering which allows for a wide range of retrieval speeds

8 sizes in all, ranging from 3 1 / 2 ” inches to 9”

Preferred swimbait on the BASS Elite Tour, key lure in wins by Todd Faircloth, Kenyon Hill and Jason Williamson

NEW! Magic Swimmer SOFT, with exactly the same look and swimming action of the original but can be fi shed weedless.

Pre-marked rigging holes in nose and body for perfect hook placement

Package includes the SEBILE Soft Weight System

Stunning hand-painted color fi nishes

Not just a swimbait, but a very effective jerkbait; also deadly when fi shed on Texas, Carolina and Drop-Shot rigs

For Magic Swimmer fi shing tips, and to see all models and colors, visit:

May/June 2011