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as seen on BWU tv

seemed like the perfect lo- cation to kick off filming the first three episodes of BWUTV. The Golden State of- fers a tremendous amount of di- versity in waters, species of bass, and of course the great weather in late winter. As our shoot dates arrived it seemed we were spend- ing more time watching the weather than worried about if we could catch some quality fish on camera. Late winter storms of unusual magnitude were lined up off the Pacific Coast and just seemed to arrive daily. As our film crew arrived in San Fran- cisco, I was making the drive with the Bass West Legend Alpha 211 from the Las Ve- gas area. It was a treacherous drive with pounding rain and even snow in the Mountains above Bakersfield. To say concerns were arising would be an understatement. Our first day was met with pouring rain, wind and a chance of snow. We spent most of the day huddled in Oroville Outdoors shoot- ing Pro Tips with Bass West writer Preston Henson. As we finally suc- cumbed to Mother Nature and gave up on the day, the outlook for the next four days was just as bleak! Day two came and again up at 5am, but this time we were huddled in a local Denny’s eating breakfast, the wind had picked up and temperatures had dropped dramatically. About 7am the rain slowed and the crew made a collective deci- sion to drive up to Bullard’s Bar Reservoir and just see if maybe we could get a window to get on the water. After sitting in our tow vehicles for a couple hours, we decided to launch the birds and take advantage of a small break between storms. For Bass Tackle Depot internet manager Brent Cline and myself, the conditions weren’t the issue. Veteran tournament anglers, Brent and I were more than pre- pared with warm clothing and rain gear. We also both had a hunch that the larger Spotted Bass might be feeding heavily on the wind swept points, which made us excited to hit the water. The bigger is- sue becomes dealing with clean audio in 50 MPH winds, keeping our Sony 4 HD cameras dry and essentially not ruining our equipment. We hit the water and made a run up the small reservoir with the intent of throwing mid-sized swimbaits, drop shotting, and dragging small shaky heads. The fish at Bullard’s love feed- ing on the smaller Kokanee Salmon; so this was our target. As we arrived to our 1st stop 2 things happened!! Mother Nature un- leashed and Brent stroked a 5 pounder on his 4th or 5th cast. Well I won’t ruin the show, but I will say it’s some of the most epic con- tent in regards to conditions and quality Spots you will ever see! As we left Bullard’s I think we were all a little pumped up, we had battled some of the worst weather and still managed to get an amazing show. So, off we went to Clear Lake Ca. We could have known what was in store for us! About half way over we stopped at the Dobyns Rod headquar- ters and caught up with Gary and his staff. Gary is truly building the best rods on the market and it was a very informative experi- ence, and not just about rods. Gary informed us that we were cra- zy and better get up to Clear Lake ASAP as one of the largest snow storms in a decade was on its way. So our journey continued, but now in 4 wheel drive towing our trusty Legend/ Mercury pack- age. Police units were everywhere and all the roads in and out of the famed fishery were closed within hours of our arrival. It



by Host Jamie Cyphers

was undoubtedly one of the most surreal experi- ences I have ever encoun- tered. Trees sounded like gun shots as they broke from the heavy weight of ice and snow. More than half of the lower lake towns were without power. A downed power line about landed on our truck, and we seriously witnessed a dozen plus accidents. It was snow-megaton, absolute- ly insane! At one point, I real- ized that most people in Clear Lake’s surrounding communi- ties don’t have 4 wheel drives, and are not experienced in these conditions. Out of fear for our own safety I was literally driving over sidewalks, up the wrong side of streets, over lawns, anything to get out of the way of sliding vehicles. We finally decided the only safe place in town was either our cottages or on the water. My guest for the show was local pro Tommy Cardoza, the second guest Rus Snyders was snowed out and couldn’t make it to the lake. Tommy and I decided to make the best of it, I mean the scenery was breathtaking, Clear Lake buried under snow? Never seen that before! So, if you want to learn how to catch some 5 to 8 pounders on Swimbaits in say: 43 to 47 degrees of water, you need to tune in and check out Bass West USA TV. Our third stop took us to beautiful Lake Powell. By now we had been through everything, we had lost an entire show from the delta that featured a 12 pound plus fish, snow storms, hail, rain, 50 MPH winds, car accidents closed roads etc. so why would we think Powell would be any different? As we arrived in Page Arizona winds were pushing 70 MPH, forecast was for wind and major storms with peri- ods of rain and even snow. We teamed up with BASS Central Open Pro Danny Devries, a 22 year old young man that is dead set on pursuing a full time career bass fishing. Definitely one of the better local angers, Danny and I decided we would run 30 miles up to the last chance area and hoped we could stay enough out of the wind to throw some blades and jigs for pre spawn bass. Well aside from the 4 footers we bucked home it ended up being a pretty decent day. We were also blessed with multi platinum artists Greg Trib- bett and Chad Gray from the band Hellyeah and Mudvayne. Their wives Kelly and Torie made the trip and did some sight seeing while the boys were sore mouthing a few of the beautiful fish Powell has to offer. We had a great time and can’t thank the folk’s at Antelope Marina enough for their kindness. Jeremy Hart, Rusty Rath, Steve Ward, and the whole crew really made these 2 shows happen. Well, that’s a small summary of our first 3 shows. Each issue I am going touch a little on the shows and give you a behind the scenes perspective on our journeys around the country. Also, look for bios on our guests, products used and of course, don’t forget you can view any of the shows on the all NEW Bass West USA website after their initial airing. There is even a full description of all the products, clothing, techniques and sponsors of the show. Look for Bass West USA TV all of this year on The Pursuit Channel (240 on Dish and 608 on Direct TV). The show will also be re-airing on Tuff TV, Untamed Sports and America One Net- works, as well. JC


Spring 2012