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Hey just wanted to let you know kids and I love the TV show keep up the good work. Also where did you get that cool Legend Red shirt you had on for the Lake Fork episode any info would help. Thanks, BO - Louisiana

Bart - thanks for the kind words, the shirt is available on the Legend web site or you may want to call Rene at the fac- tory and order one. Great to hear Leg- end Boat owners are enjoying the show and take the kind of pride I do in being a Legend owner. JC

Jamie, I just wanted to tell you what a pleasure it was to meet you in the airport last week. I love the show and just sent in my subscription to the magazine and look forward to seeing it in Spring issue. You can imagine my surprise when I realized it was you. Thanks again for the talk, made the hour go by a lot faster. KH - Oakland CA

Kyle - thank you so much for the kind words,and especially for watching our show. It was a little weird getting recognized in an airport, but if all the viewers are as nice as you and your lovely wife, I think I can get used to it. I really enjoyed the conversation as well, thank you so much! JC

Jamie, Great TV program! I tivo’d a few episodes and I’m catching up on the shows! Saw the Clear Lake episode on TV and I am a little concerned about the clip on Butch video 3..... He is holding up 5 largemouth bass on a steel bar and not one of those fish are moving! He says there are 8 pounders, 10 pounders, and one that will go 12 pounds.. They weren’t kicking, gills were not moving... What’s going on? Don’t mean to be paranoid but I am a catch and release person and I’m not seeing that... Maybe the fish were fine but just wanted to tell you what I’m seeing as a viewer of the show. Love the show... Really like fishing Sand Hallow in Utah and look forward to fishing Mead. Water is up! Should be a good year! Thanks, DB - SO UTAH

Dan - I sure appreciate your concern about that segment. We use the Viewer Video Vault to give our fans the opportunity to show us their best catches just like we do here in the magazine with the Lunker Page. Butch is a well known and respected big fish hunter in Southern California, Butch practices catch and release exclusively and, if you look close, those fish are green and the fins are moving and he’s pulling them from a livewell. At the same time, even if those fish were not alive we may have still aired the video, it’s an amazing sack of fish, 50-pound worth. Now I totally agree with you, I do everything I can to ensure every fish survives, especially trophy fish. I also at times, harvest a few fish as I love eating fish and want my children to understand the joys of eating something you caught. So i’ll just say this - “I respect all people’s opinion on eating their catch and/or releasing them”. I believe it’s all about moderation and the answer is in the middle. in the end we called Butch and he assured us all those fish went right back in the lake. JC Hey guys, just seen my video I sent you..season 1 episode 4... pond bass on jig/craw...thanks it was cool,awesome... Thanks again. Jason Eastman - WONEWOC WI JE - Thank you so much for the video! We’re going to let the viewers vote for the best one starting third quarter of this year, that video might just get you a cool thousand dollar gift certificate at Bass Tackle Depot. Hope you keep them coming for next season!!! JC

Dear Bass West USA, just saw your show on Lake Fork... LOVED IT. I live 30 min from Lake Fork so it was great to learn more about the lake. I moved here in 95 from Livermore, CA so it’s awesome to see some guys from CA hittin TX lakes. Got a video of my dad making a good catch on Lake Fork that I’ll up- load. It was a catch that he made the weekend that the Toyota ShareLunker 500 was up to be caught. Keep up the good work! Tony - Canton TX TC - Thank you so much. I love that lake, in fact i keep telling everyone it fishes so much like Clear Lake in many ways. Please, by all means, get us the video of your dad, we sure want to see it! JC



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