BassWestUSA - Spring, 2012, Page 27

Baits originated in the late nineties in California as anglers looked for ways to catch more of the monster bass that inhabit many of the Golden States deep clear reservoirs. Byron Velvick is probably most responsible for bringing these monster baits into the public eye when he won the Bassmaster Open at Clear Lake in 2000. His record winning 3 day weight announced to the world just how deadly these large realistic imitations could be. Over the last decade the Swimbait craze has reached coast to coast, and well abroad US shores. Although many different sizes are now available, and with prices well in range of most anglers, there still seems to be a lot of anglers that are apprehensive of Swimbaits, especially the larger mega baits.

It may be a number of reasons anglers still shy away from Swimbaits:


Cost - many of the larger baits can run between 20 and

30 dollars, with custom crafted baits like the deadly Triple Trout reaching 75 to 100 dollars! That’s a lot of cheese for one bait no doubt, but anglers like myself that understand the potential benefits of these baits spend it all the time.

No experieNCe - anglers that have never reaped

the benefits of these new style baits often try them once and with no immediate luck put them down.

MisuNderstaNdiNg - Many anglers are still

confused when to apply Swimbaits, and “which one and where?” Seems a commonly asked question as well!

For this issue, I’m going to talk a little about Swimbaits, their applications and even a few tricks to give you more confidence next time you hit the pond. First and foremost when choosing Swimbaits think of three major factors: Time of year, swimming or bottom bouncing, and lastly, the forage you’re trying to emulate. The time of year is critical when picking the sinking rate of the bait. If its summer time or winter you really want to get fast

the Western united states have long been known for producing cutting edge techniques to catch more and larger bass. Whether it is flipping jigs, split shotting, drop shotting, nail worms or even shaky Heads, new techniques and products seem to continually surface first on the western front.

Spring 2012