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sinking baits, if not your sandwich fishing ( meaning you can eat a sandwich between every cast waiting for the bait to get down in the zone). As a general rule I like sinking baits that at least sink 2 feet per second most of the year, I find I can still keep the baits pretty shallow in spring and fall, cast further and the baits are more versatile. The second aspect when choosing a Swimbait is the applica- tion. If your bottom bouncing or jigging the bait off of the bot- tom, then you really want a bait where the hook is a single hook coming off the top of the bait. Most of the time the fish hits it on the fall or pins it on the bottom, either way this will keep your bait much more weed less and ensure the best chance of keeping the hook in the direction of the attack. On the other hand if you’re swimming the bait and the attack comes from un- derneath you definitely want the hooks on the underside of the bait. For this I really like baits like the E Series from California Swimbabes. These baits actually have a line through treble hook underneath and the baits slide up and away from the hook. This is important as the fish can’t leverage the bait during the battle to the boat. The third aspect is the forage in the lake. Looking at baitfish specifically define the lake your fishing, is it Blue Gill, Shad, Shin- ers, Perch, Bass or even trout. If its trout god bless ya because there are probably some big bass in your waters and you need to think big. Colors are extremely important, try to match the forage in the lake but again think big. Let’s face it how many times have you seen a fish eat a bait and you think “what the heck was this little guy thinking” take that and apply it bigger. I promise you this, the amount of smaller fish you catch on big

as far as when swimbaits are effective? Well that easy, all year long. in fact they may be one of the most versatile baits ever made.

baits will blow your mind. I also really look at how deep I am fishing the bait, water clarity, and light conditions. At any rate it’s really hard to go wrong with white under most circumstances so remember that.

As far as when Swimbaits are effective? Well that is easy, all year long. In fact they may be one of the most versatile baits ever made. In summer and fall they are deadly in both shallow water early as well as deep water mid day. On many lakes swimming them in 20 to 30 feet of water around reefs or suspended points is

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