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Dock Talk

of the biggest mistakes I think the average tournament angler makes is to fish a technique they are not familiar with. Just because they hear a certain technique is working for another angler or anglers doesn’t mean they can just tie it on and it’s going to work the same. I call that fishing for other people’s fish. It’s not necessarily spot jumping, but more listening to dock talk and trying to match up the way someone else is catching them. That is a sure fire path to a bad day on the water. As an example, if you aren’t a swimbait angler and you hear the swimbait bite is amazing, don’t just tie on a swimbait the day of a tournament and chuck it around hoping to get lucky. If the fish are eating a swimbait, there is a good chance they’ll eat a

Stay Away from

by AAron mArtenS

crankbait, rip bait or spinnerbait, as well. Likewise, a good jig bite might be even better with a drop shot or Texas rigged worm or vice-versa. Tournament day is never a day to teach yourself a new trick, stick to your strengths, the patterns you found during prefish and fish hard. If you want to learn a new technique do that on fun fishing days. A great way to learn a new technique is the day after a tour- nament or even right after a weigh in. This is great time to go back out on the water and learn new technique. Hopefully, you’ll have an idea of where some fish are and how they can be caught, that’s the perfect time to go out and gain some confidence in new technique.


Post Spawn

by Cody meyer

spawn is one of my favorite times of year to throw a hollow bellied frog. It can be about as fun of fishing as any fishing. Following the spawn big lazy females bass will find themselves shade pock- ets and grass to hunker down and recover. Even though they are in a recovery mode and hunkered down, they can’t resist a big easy meal walking slowly above them. I usually target shade pockets and grass as close to the spawning grounds as possible. If you get around them, you’ll catch quite a few of the males that are guarding fry. Areas with trees or docks that provide shade are great areas to skip a frog up under and walk it out. Shade is enough, you don’t need to have mats or vegetation, I have caught more frog fish in open water shade pock- ets than in vegetation during the post spawn time frame.



I find that walking the frog, much like you would walk a spook or Jackall Bowstick, is the best way to catch them. I will mix up the retrieve between a fast walk and a slow walk with pauses to find out the cadence the fish want. Frog fishing is all about cadence, find the right cadence and you’ll have an incred- ible day fishing. This year I am especially excited for the post spawn frog fish- ing, I have a brand new weapon to use, the Iobee Frog from Jackall. This frog has a keel on the bottom of it making it the easiest frog on the market to walk. For colors, I try to match the forage. Watch for frogs and check out what color they are. But, don’t forget birds, the frog simulates a bird in the water pretty well also. This year, as soon as those beds are vacant, tie on a frog and hold on!



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