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BW: In addition to the tangible spoils of your victory, how important was that for you mentally? BC: I don’t know if I can fully describe that feeling and what it’s meant to my fishing so far this season. I’m a huge believer that fishing comfortably is the key difference be- tween those that are always a threat to win and those who are fighting for the last check. Whether an angler has found financial comfort, built confidence from a tournament vic- tory, or just gets that good feeling; comfort is crucial. I’m now afforded that comfort of being able to go out and fish the moment and the freedom to make mistakes.

BW: You haven’t seemed to be making too many mis- takes thus far can you explain what you mean by that? BC: No I have, but my final results have been good. That’s due in large part to that comfort or confidence. At Okeechobee I found a single area in the south end of the lake during practice. I found a wad of fish and got an incredible number of bites down there. I was fishing away from most anglers and figured it would be a solid plan so I focused all my attention in refining that area. On the way back to the trailer on the second day of practice I stopped at a little wall and got two bites. The two bites in this one area weren’t nearly what I had experienced in my primary location and I’d essentially written it off. The first day of the tournament I arrived to find only myself and two other anglers in the area. I was certain we’d smoke ‘em, but at noon I had only eight pounds. Without any plan B to fall back on I went to the small stretch where I’d had the two bites in practice, if nothing else I needed to clear my head and figure out something for the following day. That move resulted in three good fish on

day one and was responsible for the entirety of my weight he remainder of the tournament.

BW: What caused you to abandon your water down south all together? BC: The way this year has started off, I am fishing more like a gambler than a fisherman. Keeping with the gambling theme, its like playing five card draw poker and seeing you have a decent hand, but throwing them all back because you believe you could get a great hand. I am going for the great bags now, not just the decent bags.


gets ‘ 'em in the boat


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Spring 2012