BassWestUSA - Spring, 2012, Page 37

I suppose the one that really stands out to me at first glance is Douglas Lake. Douglas lake is unique because if you fish shallow you’ll catch tons of fish, but its hard to get big bites. If you fish deep its a gamble because you won’t get near the bites you do shallow, but they will be much better bites. To do well out deep you’ve got to keep your mind in the game and remind yourself it only takes five bites. I’m in a position where I’m going to stick it out in deep water whether its feast or famine. I’m gonna go for the win. I think a big swimbait could also play a role there and UV Tackle has some prototypes they’ve been working on with Rago Baits, that could be my main weapon of choice.

BW: You’ve got a few weeks until the Bull Shoals event. Any plans during your time off? BC: Time off is always great, but as a professional angler I’m usually working 24/7/365. This is one of the rare occasions I’ll be able to enjoy some family time while still making sure to fulfill my business requirements. I plan on doing some turkey hunting and some other family stuff. My son Mason came down with me to Florida and the extent of his fishing time was making casts from the bank. I kept telling him I’d take him out on the water when I didn’t make the cut, but I just kept making cuts and disappointing him. Both tournaments just happened to play out so I didn’t have a single free day to take him on the water. I’m gonna get him out on our local lake and catch some crappie, he deserves it. BWU

Spring 2012