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you are a looking for a bait that catches fish year around, look no further than the Ima Square Bill. Square bill crankbaits in general have become a huge part of every tournament angler’s arsenal. The Ima Square Bill is a new look at a proven style of bait. What separates the Ima Square Bill from the other similar baits on the market is its versatility. Elite Series angler Bill Lowen puts it best, “The beauty of the Ima Square Bill is it’s really three or four baits in one. While some other square bills are good burned, others are at their best when they’re waked or twitched. Some do well deflecting off cover while others are best in open water. The ima Square Bill can match each attribute and talent, with no weakness. My favorite is to mix it ALL up on a single retrieve, going “from twitching to waking, to reeling it down to three feet to burning it.” It’s not just a jack-of-all-trades – it’s a master of each one, too.” Lowen designed the Square Bill with Ima to be his most le- thal weapon in his assault on the Elite Series. Lowen’s design includes a high level of buoy- ancy to replicate that of the top balsa wood based predecessors. Lowen explains, “You can bring the bait into cover at breakneck speeds and then let if float back up and drive it back down into the structure. I like to deflect, pause and twitch it. You can snug it up to the cover, let up a bit and it float back up towards the surface like a bobber. It really allows me to fish it in a way I’ve always wanted to fish a square billed crankbait. In the stuff, without all the snags.” At the 2012 Bassmaster Classic on the Red River in Shreveport, Louisiana Elite Se- ries Pro Fred Roumbanis fished the Square Bill relentlessly. “The IMA Square Bill was the perfect bait for the stump fields of the Red. I hooked a giant on day one on it. Overall, I caught about 25 fish in two days with it.” Roumbanis also commented on the effectiveness of the bait in many situations. “I throw the Square Bill almost every time I go on the water. It’s the perfect bait for fishing over the top of grass, bumping it off dock pilings, rock piles or sea walls. I even throw it in open water and burn it a lot like I would a lipless crankbait like the Rock-n-vibe. With one bait, I can fish multiple types of cover in a short amount of time and most importantly – get bit.” “The Ima Square Bill dives about three feet on an average length cast with 12-pound line. To keep it shallower upsize your line to 20-pound class line. I fish my Ima Square Bill on a Gabe Bolivar Rip Rap Special iRod and a Ardent XS1000 reel with a 6.3:1 gear ratio,” reports Roumbanis. The Ima Square Bill comes in a multitude of great colors and is available at Ima re- tailers everywhere. For more information please visit If you haven’t tried a Square Bill for yourself, check out the video on BWU

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ToTal Performance Shad minnow

Works at aNY retrieve speed dead sloW to burNiNg back

• Fixed weight system for balance • Castability better than with weight

transfer system. • Ideal for Twitching, Jerking or Pump Retrieve • Tight Pitch wobbling action • Made for the high-pressured fishing areas • 60mm body, 5 grams, long lip suspending model • Japanese style suspending shad

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Chartreuse Shad

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