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of successfully hooking and landing the fish, anglers should make the proper tackle considerations. Clausen suggests using a light action rod under 7’ in length. He prefers the shorter rod length in order to correctly work the jerkbait with slight twitches of the rod tip. The light action is essential for reducing the force of the hookset and therefore decreasing the chance of pulling the hooks out of the fish. His rod of choice is a Megabass F368X4, a 6’ 8” rod that possesses the light action he desires. The only exception in his choice of rods comes when he’s using the larger jerkbaits. In that instance, he beefs up his selection to a F468X4, a rod that possesses a little more backbone. Clausen prefers using a 6.3:1 reel spooled with ten pound Gamma Fluorocarbon in order to optimize the bait’s diving depth.

Brent Ehrler Wins his 4 FLW Tour Level Event at Lake Hartwell


When it comes to choosing the right jerkbaits remember Clausen’s keys: • Start shallow and adjust deeper as necessary • Suspending fish will come up to feed, but rarely go down • Match the size of the primary forage for best results • Don’t put limitations on the bait’s uses

If you follow his recommendations you’ll certainly sim- plify your selection process and as a result fish more confi- dently. BWU

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