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Umbrella Rig


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the MaNN’S Slick riG

The original Alabama Rig that started it all - the Mann’s Slick Lures Alabama Rig is the same rig that Paul Elias used to run away with the win at the October 2011 Lake Guntersville FLW Tour Open. This is the rig that every angler and pro has been clambering to get their hands on ever since. Andy Poss is credited for bringing the Alabama rig to the forefront of the industry before selling it to American Tackle icon Mann’s Bait Company. Mann’s features four 5.5 inch arms and one 6.5 inch arm of 18 gauge wires and a ½ oz tin head.

eL LeV e C PrI

the JerrY raGo bait ball

The Jerry Rago Bait Ball is a little different than most of your standard umbrella rigs. It has an inject- ed plastic head that measures two inches making it actually look like another lure, so with the addition of the five baits it looks like six lures total. The wires run through the head of the bait and out the other side making it one of the strongest umbrella rigs on the market. The unique design also makes this bait the most tangle free of all umbrella rigs. Jerry Rago has been reportedly using umbrella rigs for years landing well over 100 double-digit sized bass and dozens of giant stripers on his rigs.

the YUMbrella riG

At first look the Yumbrella looked to be one of the top rigs on the market. There molded head design brought us a “Rat- tle head design” which many anglers found interest in looking for an edge. Marketed as a “super wire rig”, the first look had many of us saying “wow.” The “wow” factor went away pretty quickly when breakage became a problem as the wires seem to be over tempered.

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the SworM

Sworming Hornet lures was one of the first lures of this type to make it into the market place. It’s quality design stands out and it’s five 6-inch 18-gauge wires and quality cross-lock swivels giave it an early jump on the competition.

packMaN ii “the cloSer”

Molded head design in the umbrella rig market is becom- ing a favorite among many Anglers. No umbrella rig has been released with as much detail and innovation as the PackMan II Closer Series. This ultra light head epoxy design brings de- tail to the market that anglers can get excited about. They’ve also have “changed” the rules by using welded wires reducing weight and making for less tangles.



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