BassWestUSA - Spring, 2012, Page 81

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eL LeV e C PrI

the School-e riG

A molded head design combined with American made components make the Picasso School-E- Rig a good option for anglers in the market today. Featuring five 5-inch 18-gauge arms and cross lock swivels this rig is becoming more and more popular among umbrella rig anglers.

eL LeV e C PrI

chUbbY chaSer “calibaMa” riG aNd “GoldeN thUMper”

The Chubby Chaser “Calibama Rig” and “Golden Thumper” are specially designed for the California fisherman enabling them to conform to the states limitation on the number of baits allowed to be fished at once. It has three wires setup for attaching baits instead of the standard five. It also has two arms with spinning blades that make up the five bait look and still conforms to the state laws. While the design has the California angler in mind this bait is popular nationally The Calibama rig features nickel willow leaf blades and the Golden Thumper includes gold Colorado blades.

eL LeV e C PrI

waterdoG retriever riG

The Retriever Rig is a umbrella rig that holds up to five lures at one time. It can be fished vertically or trolled with capabilities of catching multiple fish on one cast. The entire product and it’s components are made in the USA. They use .051 stainless wire for durability and keeping the spread shape. Swivels are Rosco and include heavy stainless lock snaps. The head is made with super strong polymer and their custom paint job puts the Retriever Rig in a class of its own. Providing a qual- ity product that catches lots of big fish and winning results is their objective.

eL LeV e C PrI

the packMaN

Packman Lures has created one of the best val- ues on the market with there 6.5-inch 5-arm 18-gauge wire rigs. The Packman has proven to be one of the cleanest yet simplest rigs on the market today. The 3/8-ounce head and great color combinations make the Packman one of the best rigs available.

PrIC e LeV eL

abt lUreS MUlti riG

Wow, there is really some innovation in this unique and highly versatile rig. ABT took umbrella rigs to the next level. What’s unique about it? It features interchange- able arm wires. Interchangeable arm options include different length arms, the ability to fish 2 through six arms and even arms set up to hold dummy baits (baits without hooks). The bait is rigged Standard with five 5 ¾-inch 17-gauge wires. The ABT Multi Rig may be priced high but can its innovation and durability warrant it.

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