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Umbrella Rig


optiMUM doUble diaMoNd

keitech SwiNG iMpact

The Swing Impact series is a proven tournament winner. The versa- tile Swing Impact swimbait is avail- able in a size to match any forage you may betrying to duplicate. The wide tail-kick of this bait works at even the slowest speeds. Even on the fall the tail has incredible action. The ribbed or zippered style of the Keitech Swing Impact and thin plastic connection to the tail are the keys to its unpar- alleled swimming action. Keitech’s original two tone injection process uses different types of salted plastics to achieve better balance and action. Available in both FAT and standard, the Swing Impact will influence your umbrella rig success.

The 3.25 Double Diamond Swimmer is the perfect match for umbreall rig anglers. The Double Diamond is the first Opti- mum Baits designed 100% with Computer Aided Design. After several prototypes and hours on the water testing the Double Diamond master was perfected. In short this bait is nothing less than spec- tacular in a variety of fish fooling colors. The bait has three distinct actions: it tracks in a tight, zigzag pattern, it swims with its entire body quiver- ing erratically all while churning water with a large tail kick. It is perfect for the umbrella rig, but it also works amazingly well as a trailer on a vibrating jig, spinnerbait or swimjig. It can also be fished rigged on a weighted hook.

daMiki bUzziNG Shad

This shad patterned bait is a bit larger than most swimbaits for the umbrella rig, but it is a deadly bait on the umbrella rig, swimming jig or a vibration Jig. It’s versatile too, you can fish the Damiki Buzzing Shad as a top water swim bait with its tail causing a bubbling wake over vegetation or open water.. The slit on the top of the Damiki Buzzing Shad allows for the hook to easier penetration to the fish for better hook sets.

keitech eaSY Shad

Keitech has led the way among insiders to the industry. Anglers at all levels privy to the Keitech Easy shad have had amazing success with it on all three species of black bas (Smallmouth, Largemouth and Spotted Bass). The swimming action on these baits starts the moment the bait is moved at any speed. The latest renovation from the company that brought us the very popular Keitech Swing Impact baits have the same great action without the ribbed design. Keitech has used their knowledge of colors and ag- gressively swimming soft paddle tails to put out another winner when paired with your favorite umbrella rig. This is great little bait that won’t disappoint.



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