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Umbrella Rig


paradiSe tackle ball head JiG head

bUckeYe JiGS Jwill

waterdoG oUtdoorS 1G

Those in the “know” are really concentrating on the lighest ball head available. Well, with bass fishing often new trends bring new tools to improve there ef- fectiveness. The Waterdog 1G is all about that. Built in the same manner as other leading ball heads in the expanding market the 1G is about the same size as 1/8th ounce ball heads but made of a composite so the total weight is a third of it’s 1/8th ounce cousins.

This little jewel of a jig head was designed by and for the BassTackleDepot staff. The specially designed ball jig head is made for small swimbaits to be used on umbrella rigs. It has a heavy gauge Mustad Ultra Point hook and a 60 degree eye that increases the action of the swimbait.

paradiSe tackle SwiM- bait head

This head was also designed for use on an um- brella rig tossing angler by Paradise tackle. Perfect for those throwing 4 and a half inch and larger swim- baits. Built on a 5/0 wide gap Mustad Ultra Point it is a great swimming head with plenty of power for big bass. Available in white, shad and plain.

Stout hooks and the light head is key to success when fishing umbrella rigs for big largemouth. Buckeye Jigs has one of the most popular heads on the market in the JWill. Developed by Elite Series Pro Jason Williamson, this Buckeye Lures swimbait head was designed for open water swimbaiting. It is now one of the most sought after heads for umbrella rig anglers nation wide. The JWill swimbait head boasts a 5/0 Mustad Ultra Point Heavy Flipping Hook for unmatched strength. These heads have been custom painted to match most colors of swimbaits on the market. Another feature we find usefull is the collar, which holds a swim- bait securely cast after cast.

keitech roUNd head JiG head

Are you looking for a high performance small diam- eter head? The Keitech Super Round Tungsten Jig Heads are the head of the class. These professional-grade lures from Japan are designed to give anglers an edge, espe- cially when fishing smaller profile swimbaits on the A-rig. The round head with a small diameter slender collar never tears your swimbaits yet holds them secure. The hooks are designed with a specific bend, which increases strength and hook ups. Utilizing Tungsten makes these heads small- er, which decreases the number of fouled casts. Tungsten is also the best option for those looking to be more eco-friendly.


#519 Absolute Absolutely the best color for 20 years.

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