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the last 30 years I have had the op- portunity to fish all over the US and even outside the US. I have fished some of the greatest waters a bass angler dreams of and this is just one of the reasons I love my job, but sometime you just need to get away and do something completely different and get the VIP treatment. I am referring to a very special place in South Carolina where you get the VIP bass treatment. Located near Summerville, SC is a series of lakes called VIP Adventures, a place where I have spent a lot of time. These lakes are the brain child of my good friend Marc Deschenes and consist of 5/6 lakes that were mined for sand over 30 years ago creating what would become in later years a bass an- glers dream of cover, structure and loads of bass. In the category of pay to fish lakes the name VIP Adventures says it all.


The early years

The story of VIP Adventures begins some 20 years ago with avid bass angler, entrepreneur and tournament competitor Marc Deschenes. You see Marc was a member of a club formed by a group of anglers wanting to fish one of these sand pit lakes. Mem- bers would pay yearly dues and get the opportunity to fish the

120 acre lake. As with many of these situations it’s hard to control catch and release, management and other logistics so the actual owner of the property decided it was best to dissolve the mem- berships. Taking advantage of this situation Marc had a vision, devised a plan and met with the property owner. Marc’s plan was simple not only to transform this lake but several others the owner had creating a bass fishing paradise. Marc would groom, manage, stock and care for the lakes and only allow customer to fish with him on the lakes with a strict catch and release policy. All of these things would ensure the property and bass were well cared for and provide an awesome get away for visiting anglers for many years. For the last 17 years Marc has spent countless hours meticulously maintaining the waters that are now referred to as VIP Adventures. These changes did not happen overnight but the base for a great bass fishery was solidly in place. The erratic contours, hard sand bottom and a constant flow of water laid the foundation, but Marc did not want to make this just your ordinary fish pond. He spend and still spends many hours modifying the structure in the form of rock and shell beds, brush piles and bank grooming to give the bass am- bush points and allow for fry to have hiding places where they can grow up. If Marc is not guiding a customer on the property he can usually be found making some sort of improvement to the lakes. “It is a constant cycle of maintenance to keep up the five lakes, one of



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