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eryone to adjust – it’s a national magazine that goes with our national television show. Guys from coast-to-coast learning and enjoying both. I understand the want for media coverage of our west- ern anglers and we’ll cover them as we continue to improve the magazine. Two things I would like you to consider. First, the West isn’t the only place with innovative ideas. Look at the last four new techniques; the vibration jig from the Midwest, the punch rig from the deep South, the Alabama Rig from well, Alabama and long lining from the Tennessee area. If we don’t write about those, would we be doing justice to our sport and to our Western readers? Second, if you are more interested in the exposure for the western angler then you want us to be national. What angler wants exposure where he is already popular or at least known. We’d be doing an injustice to any angler we cover if we only promoted them in the West. In my first stint as the Bass West editor I introduced our readers to a number of anglers through “Young Gun” features, a few of which are Cody Meyer, Justin Lucas, John Billheimer Jr. and to some extent the Bennett brothers (RJ and Michael). All guys who at the time were Western based and East of Sacra- mento, virtually unknown. Look where they are now. So rest as- sured, I have my eyes and ears open looking for Western anglers to promote. However, I want to create a magazine that provides them the kind of exposure they want and need, national not lo- cal. I think I just set the record for the longest “Your Voice” reply, but I want to be clear about this our goal is to continue to improve our nationally magazine where we can, not only spread the great love for our sport, but also create an avenue for all regional anglers to receive the expo- sure that they deserve. See you on the water, TL

ter it was exceptionally satisfying for me to read. Here’s why: this email comes from a long time reader that never minced words when discussing the magazine with me or anyone else in the past. I know he’s an excellent angler, but not a tournament an- gler, a fun fisherman and a trophy hunter. That’s important to me, I want to cater to both the tournament angler and fun fisherman of all levels. It’s easy to cater to the tournament anglers of the world, but that’s not our objective. Sure we will use many of the best anglers in the world to help convey new techniques, ideas or approaches, but I don’t want the average everyday angler to feel left out. We will continue to keep our tournament coverage to a minimum and try and keep the educational and entertainment level ramped up. We want every reader to put this magazine down a better angler somehow, someway. Coach always has a straight shooter with me. His com- ments past, present and hopefully future will continue to make this a better book. In fact, letters to the editor are my only true measure of success for every magazine. I value every comment both positive and negative and look at them with an open mind. Any reader, both new and long-term subscribers, can send me an email directly at So let me say, thanks Coach, and I hope this one is even bet- ter! Tight Lines, TL

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Tom, I received my copy of Bass West USA last week and I can say without reservation that it is the best version of that magazine I have seen since it started. My lips will never look good on your #!%^*, so you can believe me when I tell you what a great publica- tion it is. Keep up the good work... Coach

I doubt this email was meant to see the pages of the magazine, but I wanted it in here because it is the let- ter that means the most to me. I take every email, letter and phone call se- riously and more often than not too much to heart. I have always worked my tail off to make this magazine as good as I can. So when I got this let-


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