BassWestUSA - Summer, 2012, Page 36

Two lure Giants Collaborate to advance

the Physics of Soft Plastics

to a highly successful overseas marketing and distribution partnership between Optimum Lures and Lucky Craft that began in 2008, interest in developing a signature offering together commenced. After a spe- cific concept was agreed upon, ideas, plans, questions and con- cerns started and went back and forth for over six months. The objective was to take the notable design features of the popular Lucky Craft Wander series hard bait and fuse them with the best attributes of Optimums revolutionary Double Dia- mond series soft plastic baits. With the first prototypes ready in Spring 2010, the initial design samples were thoroughly fished throughout the summer and fall seasons. After minimal fine-tuning, the baits fantastic potential were clearly visible and Optimum engineers input the compiled data on a specialized CAD program incorporating Lucky Craft’s ar- tistic body configuration and detailed scale pattern. In addition to maintaining the action, one of their greatest achievements was that they were able to reproduce the intricate scale etch- ing and the finely detailed facial characteristics of the Lucky Craft Wander series hard baits.


Combining the radical concepts and active ingredients of the industry trendsetters has resulted in an artificial soft plastic bait that bears the very best qualities and features that both compa- nies have to offer. This unprecedented collaboration has exceeded the expecta- tions of the professional anglers that have been extensively fishing the new baits. The first two products in what is known as the Mad Scientist Series are called the “Opti Shad” and “Victory Tail”.

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While the un- bridled action and intense vibration of the Optimum Double Diamond is often re- quired to entice bass to eat, there are fre-



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