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Chartreuse Shad

The first two products in what is known as the Mad Scientist Series are called the “Opti Shad” and “Victory Tail”

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American Shad

Length: extremely beneficial. 4.5” Minnow Weight: Ghost 3/8 oz. The lipless Wander was intentionally chosen because of its phenomenal horizon- Hooks: tal Black Nickel Owner Stinger Treble fluttering action and unique rolling action, which in turn produces dramatic inter- Features: mittent side flashes. Interweaving Topwater Walking Bait the action and esthetics of a proven hard bait with Tail Weighted Wounded Shad for Long Casts the performance and versatility of a proven soft bait has produced a lure that encom- Erratic Side to Side Walking Action of a real baitfish. passes virtually every aspect

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What separates the innovative Opti Shad from other soft swim baits is a minor ex- pansion located in the middle of the lure. Unlike traditional shad tail style soft baits, the Smoking Ghost Shad deepest part of the Opti Shad body is also the widest part of its body. This key formu- la ensures superior hydrodynamic performance in a multitude of applications as well as fluctuating retrieval speeds. Ghost Blue Shad As water flows past the lures sides the slight center bulge it encourages an attrac- tive body roll. At the same time water is directed down the tapered back to the tail caus- ing a rhythmic kicking motion even when retrieved extra slowly. United, these naturalized Golden Shiner actions perfectly capture the frantic and irregular behavior of a baitfish in distress. The Opti Shad is offered in 2 or 4-inch sizes and the deeper profile of both versions is ideal for duplicating wide bodied forage such as all species of pan fish and bass fry as well as herring, shad, shiners, alewife, and ciscos. Black Widow

VICTory TaIl

The versatile Victory Tail utilizes the same technologically advanced design prin- ciples as the Opti Shad, but possesses an elongated minnow style body and tapered forked tail section. This streamlined swimmer has an incredibly realistic slithering action that is perfectly suited for literally unlimited applications in both fresh and salt water. Again, like the Opti Shad, Optimum’s trademark extra sensitive tail design func- tions in unison with the body for unrestricted fluid motion. This translates into the body and tail moving simultaneously, emulating the exact characteristics of a live baitfish. The Victory Tail is offered in 3 or 5-inch sizes and both versions are superb for matching narrow-bodied forage such as minnows, creek chubs, dace, eels, suckers and shiners. With their noticeably slimmer bodies and long slender tails, all four models and sizes of the Mad Scientist lures are ground breaking in the design. One of the most noteworthy qualities of this collaborative line is that while tech- nically finesse baits, each model was specially developed to be fished using light- er class tackle by any angler regardless of lure fishing experience. Whether using a constant slow crawl retrieve or an intermittent twitch/ pause method, the subtle and ever present action is integrated within the lures design. So there really isn’t a tech- nique that won’t produce using the new Mad Scientist Series baits by Optimum and Lucky Craft. BWU

Summer 2012