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Okeechobee Craw. That color has caught fish all over the country for me. I rig it on a Owner Straight Shank wide gap hook tied on with 65-pound Berkley Spider Wire Ul- tracast. You need a strong hook and powerful line. I never use less than 65-pound line and that owner hook is XXX strong. Punch fishing is hand-to-hand (mouth) combat with the fish. You are dealing with short line lengths, no drag and the fish has the ad- vantage with all the vegetation between you and it. It’s a battle, don’t go into battle with inferior equipment. The last piece of equipment that has really changed the way I fish in general and is a must when punching are Power Poles. Power Poles might just be the best invention for bass fisher- man in my lifetime. Power Poles play a huge part in my daily fishing and being able to drop them down and hold myself in position while I pick an area apart with the punch rig is a huge advantage. Besides holding the boat in position while fishing, it also holds it in position while catching too. Prior to having Power Poles, I would catch a fish and the boat would move. It could move in and spook the fish or just move off the spot and make it more difficult for me to return to where I was. I am sure you hear it a lot from all the pros, but truth is none of us would fish without them. There just isn’t anything that can replace the shallow water anchoring of Power Poles.

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ortenson FLW O utdoors

This summer when the water is hot, the vegetation is thick, and you want to have some fun, tie on a punch rig and go to work. Remember to look for current, fish the edges of the vegetation and bring the right equip- ment. You’ll have a blast! BWU

Justin Lucas is sponsored by: National Guard, Abu Garcia, Evin- rude, Ranger, Berkley Trilene, Berkley Havoc, Powell Rods, Power Pole, Owner Hooks and Lucky Craft.

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