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Topwater in Reverse

B y j o h N M u R R ay

topwater this time of the year. But, I don’t do it the way that most people do. Most anglers spend the early morning, low light period throwing topwater looking for the reaction bite , little while can actually with a surface plug, but I find that waiting a be the most effective way to maximize topwater results. I know what you’re going to say. “Wait? For What?” I’m waiting for the sun to come up a little higher in the sky. I can hear it again, “wait for the sun to come up? For topwater? He’s #519 Absolute crazy?” Well, I say go right Absolutely ahead and the think that way. best color for 20 years. I spend most of my morning hours fishing deep fish with a dropshot rig or a jig because the fish that are deep are grouped up and I can target them then, and then target grouped up topwater fish after the sun comes up. My thought on fishing the topwater bite early in the morning is that it’s too much of a random approach. The low light condi- tions allow the fish to spread out in shallow water and I can cover miles of water and catch a couple of fish. I want to be able to present my lure to a bunch of fish on the same cast. The shade that is created by trees, rock and docks can really make bass position themselves in very productive areas in that shade - even at noon with high sun. I pick my topwater baits with the local baitfish and the water conditions in mind. If the baitfish are smaller and the water is smooth, I throw a River2Sea Bubble Pop. The 65 size is great for small baitfish, and the 88 is better for a little larger sized minnow. I like the River2Sea Rover 128 if there is a little chop on the water, because the side to side “walk the dog” retrieve is awesome for big strikes. Another bait that I like to throw, and is really under the radar for when bass want a lot of commotion is a River2Sea Tango Prop. This is like any other prop bait on the market, but the blades are clear plas- tic so they are not visible to the fish, but put out a lot of com- motion.


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I throw all of my topwater on long rods as much as possible because it gives me a lot of leverage for long casting and lever- age for fighting fish. My favorite is a Powell Endurance 764cb; which has a nice light tip for working the lures, but enough backbone to control them once they are hooked up. I use an Ardent Edge Elite in 7.2:1 retrieve speed and I use 30-poud braided line a lot, unless the water is really clear, and then I use monofilament. I always have a follow up bait ready just in case the fish take a swipe at the lure and miss it. My favorite is the Wave Worms Tiki Stick Super Soft. This bait allows me to make a quick cast to exactly where the fish struck and missed the topwater bait. I know it sounds weird, but if you give it a try, you’ll be able to catch more fish on topwater in more predictable areas than only throwing them in the morning. BWU

Photo by Dan O’Sullivan

Summer 2012