BassWestUSA - Summer, 2012, Page 53

number one key to achieving maximum depth with any crankbait.” Somewhat counter to the conventional wisdom of using low geared reels for cranking, Combs uses a high-speed, 7.3-1 ratio reel for all of his cranking needs. He generally wants fast-moving bait and also wants to retrieve line as quickly as possible when the bass comes to the surface, which is the case in almost every deep hookup. He adds, “If that fish ever clears the surface and jumps, your chances of losing him go up significantly, so as I see the line start to rise to the surface, I want to keep pull- ing that fish quickly toward me to keep him from shaking his head out of the water.”

Regarding lure selection, Combs generally relies on various Strike King

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Blade RunneR BaBy Bass

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