BassWestUSA - Summer, 2012, Page 7


scene on Tennessee River lakes by fishing ledges. Add ledge fishing to your arsenal and see what it can do. Are you a donkey hunter looking for a way to land the biggest fish in your body of water? Bassmaster Elite Series angler and Lake Falcon guide Keith Combs explains how to use deep cranking to catch big bass. Combs is the current record holder for the biggest bag in FLW history at over 41 pounds for a five fish limit. If Keith Combs can’t help you catch bigger bass, nobody can. Plus, we’ve got well over a dozen more exciting articles that are going to make you a better angler. Make no mistake about it - Bass West USA has changed. It wasn’t that long ago that we went from a small magazine with a staple holding it together to a full-fledged coffee table style magazine that is both informative and visually appeal- ing. Now we are going from the “pretty magazine from the West” to a major player on the national scene, offering you the best from coast to coast. If it’s something you need to know, we are going to tell you about it. From tips and tech- niques to inspirational stories, Bass West USA is the maga- zine you don’t want to miss. I’ve got one other thing to mention. In my travels, I have had the luxury of speaking with people all over the coun- try. Those who have heard of Bass West USA all had great things to say about it. I remember speaking to Brent Chap- man about it before I returned as the editor. His exact words

were, “Hey, there’s a magazine out of the West that I used to get called Bass West. Do you know how I can get a sub- scription to that?” Well Mr. Chapman, I think I can get you a subscription, and you just might like at least one of the faces on the cover. As for the TV show, Jamie and the crew are hard at work bringing you the next level of bass fishing TV. I am excited for the new shows, and catching the old shows again. Watch- ing guys like Mike Stiles slay big fish on Lake Isabella is enough for me to end this Tight Lines piece and go fishing. Take someone fishing!

Tom Leogrande

Summer 2012