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Whether fishing in wind, waves, current, or just whenever you need the high speed settings, Troll Perfect will allow you to stop fighting the kick back, and side to side torque steer of your trolling motor. You can concentrate on fishing. BASS pro Stephen Browning said recently, ”Troll Perfect works and its the real deal. I highly recommend it, and I’ve noticed Troll Perfect on several other pro’s boats. It’s a good product and a good value for the money, and will tame that trolling motor torque swing”. Anglers from across the country are catching on as this simple inexpensive device allows for much more stable trolling motor control in all situations.

trOll PerFeCt

Originally released in 2010 the Keitech Sexy Impact is a straight worm developed with particular attention for the movement of the tail, extremely light and reactive. The Keitech Sexy Impact faithfully reproduces the movement of a real forage prey-fish, and can be rigged every style: wacky weightless, on a jig-head, drop shot, and Texas rigged. The squid based scent used for the Keitech Sexy Impact is a flavor that entices bass. This bait really pairs up well with the Wacky Saddle tool when fishing for finicky summer bass.

keiteCh Sexy iMPaCt

The Jackall Iobee frog has all the modifications that many anglers make to other frogs, right out of the box. The Iobee frog has a keel shaped bottom for incredible walk the dog action. The hooks are designed to work with the extra soft body for increased hook up ratio. The legs are super fine rubber to give them more action in the water when you pause the retrieve. The Jackall Iobee frog has all the makings to be the best frog on the market.

JaCkall iOBee FrOg

The Opti Shad is a collaboration between Optimum Baits and Lucky Craft. The Opti Shad features a deeper profile perfect for duplicating the wide-bodied forage such as bream, bass fry, herring, shad among others. The Opti Shad is available in two sizes; two inch and 4 inch and in eight great colors. The Opti Shad is an excellent choice for an umbrella rig bait.

Summer 2012

OPti Shad