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The fundamental idea of the human body is that muscles move bones. Our bones don’t move unless the muscles make them move. Sometimes our muscles cause our bones to move improperly. This can happen due to excessively tight muscles or weak muscles.

stress on the knee. This stress causes excessive wear and tear, which in turn causes pain.

If your hamstring muscle is too tight, it can affect how your hip, femur and knee interact. A weakness in your hip muscles combined with this excessive tightness of the hamstring can cause the knee not to track properly. This improper tracking can wear down the cartilage or tear the meniscus. To fix the improper tracking of the knee, you have to re- educate the muscles to move properly. This is done by exercise.

Exercise is simply the use of specific movements to teach your muscles to move correctly. When your muscles are moving your joints properly and tracking of the knee and elbow joints im- proves, pain decreases.

On teh left page are three general exercises that you should do before getting on the boat to help improve your alignment and educate your muscles to move your joints properly. Even if you don’t have pain now, you may be able to prevent future pain. When your joints move correctly, it will decrease the issues asso- ciated with the repetitive motion of fishing making you feel better and fish longer. These three exercises are very general. If you cannot do them because of pain or if you do them and they do not help, you may need exercises that are more specific to your issue. BWU

Travis Perret owns and operates Exercise Therapy of Kansas City. He has helped thousands of clients become pain-free through non-medical therapy. His clients include Brent Chapman, Stacey King, Kevin Hawk and Ned Kehde. If you have questions please contact him at 913- 424-9354 or or visit his website at

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