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Hey guys, what are the chances that you will do some shows down here in San Diego County? We have some great bass lakes and some of the largest bass ever caught have come from our lakes. Thanks and keep up the good work! D. Whitaker - Guatay, CA

David, thanks for input on the show. This last year, we made it as far south as Diamond Valley, then skipped over to Lake Havasu. We are definitely coming south this year again and our hope is to get into the San Diego area. We have certainly had several re- quests and suggestions for some of the stellar lakes in your area. Look for it next spring! JC

Steve, this video has been extremely controversial with our viewers and readers alike. Some guys want to hire Butch as a guide while others are really disappointed in the video and my decision to air it. There are a couple of things to note: all those fish were pulled from a live well, all those fish were in fact alive, and all were released. Seeing a 50lb sack of bass is extremely rare and I found it noteworthy. And finally, while I don’t harvest many bass, I do enjoy eating fish of many species. Anglers do harvest fish, just as hunters harvest game. It’s just a fact of life and the tradition that comes with fishing. I know there are many different opinions on this subject, and I appreciate yours. JC

What happened to the show for Bullards Bar Lake today? I turn on the TV and the show is for #5 Lake Ray Roberts. I have been waiting patiently for the episode from Bullards Bar Lake. There are only two guys that really come to N. Cal and do some of the lakes and your show was a blessing considering that it is on station 240 PRST. What is going on? I watched the show here on the Internet, but I was taping all the shows you guys were putting on so far. J. Silva - Sacramento, CA

Jason, I’m not really sure what happened there. As a general rule, the shows have all aired in chronological order on Pursuit. Other networks have moved them around at times, but Pursuit has been very consistent. Keep your DVR on for new episodes and you should have another chance at it in Q3. Thanks for watching!!! JC

Love your magazine! I can’t for the life of me figure out why you don’t let subscribers know when their subscriptions run out. Having said that, can you renew my subscription and send the magazines I missed? John Glaser - Ringwood NJ

Thanks for the kind words, John. We have made a lot of changes here at BWU over the last few months, and one of them is exactly that: being proactive in letting readers know when their subscription is about to end. Again, we really appreciate all our readers and love getting feedback from the other side of the coun- try. JC

The new website looks great!!! Bill Bjork - Page AZ

Bill thanks for con- grats and for the pieces you have contributed over the last year. We’re very proud of the new website and believe all our read- ers will enjoy the videos, shows and easier navi- gation. Hope to see you soon! JC

I watched your show on Bullards Bar and was intrigued. I’ll have to try out that lake soon. I do have a complaint, though. You showed two videos in your video vault of a Butch Brown at Castaic. This guy seems to not give a damn about our bass fisheries. He claims in video one that there are still huge bass at Castaic. Then in one video he shows his prowess of 5 large bass (Castaic’s breed- ing stock) hanging dead. Why did you give this guy any air time at all? He’s destroying the fishery he claims is still alive in Castaic. I’m extremely disappointed in your staff for airing this video. Some- one should have a ‘come to Jesus’ meeting on catch and release with this bozo. Steve - Grass Pass OR

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