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just try to wipe the smile off the face of veteran Elite Series pro Britt Myers. You can’t do it. The reason is simple: “I’m the most fortunate person in the world,” he said. “Everything I love to do, I have an opportunity to do it at the highest level.” Indeed, the biggest problem he has is that there are only 24 hours in a day – some spent at his esteemed CS Motorsports vehicle customization business, some for working on his tackle and solving on-the-lake problems, and another portion for being the best family man he can be, doting on his faithful wife and his young sons. Indeed, the last obligation is the most important to Myers. “Out of everything that goes on in my life, I want to be known as a good dad,” he said. “I would give up fishing today and I would give up my business for them.” Fortunately, no one’s asking him to make that sacrifice, and Britt Myers is excelling in all three of his major endeavors. The automotive work is a given – “I’m the KVD of the car accessory

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world,” he said – and the devotion to family comes naturally, but it’s the fishing where he’s making the greatest breakthroughs these days. Long known as the “car guy” who happened to fish, this year, on the strength of back-to-back 2 nd place finishes in Elite Series events, Myers is ready to put that label behind him. If anyone can meet all of these goals, it’s the multi-tasking Myers.

Today, CS Motorsports is an empire situated in a large build- ing on five acres of land in Gastonia, North Carolina. Myers, now 37, admitted that never in his wildest dreams did he believe that this would be possible when he started in the business less than two decades ago. If not for a series of fortuitous occurrences, com- bined with more than a little elbow grease, it never would have become a reality. “I was in junior high school when cell phones first came out,” he recalled. “The local 12 volt stereo shops carried the old bag phones. My mom handled the service department for a car stereo

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