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Just as he advertises for his sponsors on the road, so too do the hundred or so pros whose trucks he’s serviced and altered serve as free advertising for CS Motorsports. Whether they’ve add- ed GPS systems or tackle storage, or done a complete overhaul, they’re rolling commercials. After he fitted custom rod tubes to the top of David Walker’s truck, Walker took it straight to the Toyota Texas Bass Classic and also posted a video on YouTube. “I bet we got 10 calls from (the TTBC),” Myers said. “And then several more per week, sometimes several a day.” The business keeps on snow- balling. “It’s just a puzzle that all fell together.” That’ll keep a smile on a man’s face.

With his business hurtling forward at warp speed, Myers was still left hanging by an inconsistent career on tour. He’d have a good event, then a bomb, then a great event, then another disap- pointment. “I know the business supports my family and my fishing,” he said. “But I work 6 days a week when I’m not on tour and it eats at me. I could probably choose one or the other, probably either, but I’ve worked so hard to get them where I’m at that I couldn’t stand to give either one up. Nothing was ever given to me and I understand the consequences of being away.” Despite the golden handcuffs, Myers had seen glimmers of hope that he was due to break through. A few years ago he had a chance to win an Elite Series event on the Potomac before he and his camera crew were chased out of his primary area by the military, citing national security concerns. “That made me start to believe in my abilities,” he said. This year’s performance provided even greater exposure. He notched back-to-back runner-up finishes at Bull Shoals and Doug-


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Spring 2013