BassWestUSA - Spring, 2013, Page 22


years, shallow water inshore anglers have used push poles and mud an- chors to maintain critical boat positioning. In a stroke of genius, John Oliverio an avid saltwater flats angler from Brandon Florida developed a revolutionary shallow water anchor that would change boat control and fishing forever. Oli- verio’s creation dubbed the Power-Pole shallow water anchor mounts to the transom and features a hydraulic arm that deploys a composite spike to secure the boat’s position all at the touch of a button. Oliverio enlisted the help of his long time friend Robert Shamblin to build the first pro- duction units. “We produced the first Power-Pole anchors on John’s porch,” recalled Shamblin who is now the Vice President of JL Marine Systems, the company that produces the Power-Pole anchor. It did not take long for Power-Pole to make headlines as the team of Greg and Bryan Watts utilized one of the first production units to win the 2001 IFA Red Fish Cup Championship and Team of the Year Award. Over the next several years Oliverio and Shamblin worked tirelessly to refine and market the Power-Pole anchor. Their efforts were soon justified as Power-Pole anchors became standard equipment for inshore anglers everywhere.



Spring 2013