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While Power-Pole was riding a tidal wave of momentum in the salt water market circa 2005, a group of crafty bass anglers were quietly taking notice. up until this time, Power-Pole anchors were only available in a 6-foot model. Following the introduction of the Live new 8-foot Magic model, the Shad door to a new market swung wide open. Shaw Grigsby, popular Television Host and Bassmaster Elite Boot Tail Sun Perch Crankbaits Series Pro, had previous experience with the Waterdog Power-Pole anchor from his time in saltwater. He was quick to see the advantages Outdoors 1G Head the ULtimAte iN BoAt CoNtroL of the Power-Pole anchor for the freshwater bass angler. Along Just as bass anglers were discovering the virtues of the Pow- with Grigsby other early adapters included Gary Klein, Bobby DreamWeaver er-Pole anchor, Shamblin had an epiphany that would write an- Lane and Brent Chapman. Soon Power-Pole anchors began A-Rig Storage other chapter in the book on boat control. While on the water for showing up on a growing number of boats on both the Elite Se- a day of fishing, Shamblin wanted to position his boat with the ries and the FLW Tour. Bassaholics bow facing into the current. With G-Loomis his single Power-Pole anchor, GL2 Storm the only way that he could hold the boat Series was to flip the back end A poWerFUL ADVANtAge of the boat into the current. “I did not want to fish from the back There is no doubt that the Power-Pole anchor is a fantastic Bassaholics of the boat,” he said. “I called John and asked him if he thought tool for sight fishing. No more fiddling with setting anchors or Mashup I could add a second Power-Pole anchor to the other side of the trolling motor blowout to spook fish. The Power-Pole anchor al- transom. Without hesitation he told Rods me to get the boat into the Dobyns River2Sea S-Waver Trucker Cap lows the angler to quietly and precisely position his boat, all the shop right away.” while having his hands free to cast and fish. As a high tech boat After a bit of tinkering, Shamblin returned to the water with positioning system, this is clearly an advantage when targeting his double Power-Pole equipped rig and quickly discovered that iRod Air spawning fish or when setting up on a piece of structure. “Bass the advantages were many. A single Power-Pole anchor is a G-Loomis GLX anglers are an ingenious bunch,” related Shamblin. “There was great tool but boat positioning can still be affected by the wind a Bassmaster Elite Series Event on Lake Amistad and guys were waves. Two poles allows the angler to lock down his position iRod and Genesis II jamming their Power-Pole anchors into the tops of trees in twen- without regard to wind and waves. “We were so excited with this ty five feet of water to position their boats.” setup that we made the decision to put two Power-Pole anchors Power-Pole users have quickly come to find a growing num- on each of our ten promotional wrapped boats for the 2008 sea- On all orders over $50. ber of other practical applications. For example, the ability to son,” said Shamblin.


the BASS

Bassaholics Grand Slam mArket 3/4 Sleeve

Rock keep the boat stationary BS under windy conditions can be an ad- vantage when culling or retying. By the time the task is com- Crawler Jig pleted, an angler can find himself completely blown off of his area. A simple push of a button and the Power-Pole anchor can eliminate the inefficiency and headache of having to relocate and reposition the boat. Whether competing in a tournament River2Sea Ish or fun fishing, more time spent with your line in the water can Monroe Biggie equate to more fish caught by the end of the day.


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