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It has been said that a Bassmaster Classic victory can define an angler’s career. In addition to being a boon for the winner, it can be a tremendous opportunity for an angler’s sponsors as well. In 2008, Power Pole signed on to be the title sponsor for Bassmaster Elite Series Pro, Chris Lane. The hardworking Alabama based pro struck the big time with his 2012 Classic victory on the Red River. Lane fished shallow backwater areas where his Power-Pole anchors played a ma- jor role in assisting him to capture the winning catch. “Chris has been a great asset for us,” related Shamblin. “He is a great angler and he does a tremendous job for Power- Pole. Since the Classic, he has been in even greater demand, and that has been excellent for us.”

tion, bottom sensing and software upgrades are all possible with the the C-Monster. Power-Pole followed its Best of Show Award with a re- peat victory at the 2012 ICAST with the unveiling of the Power-Pole Drift Paddle. The Drift Paddle provides deep wa- ter anglers with a high tech alternative to the outdated drift sock. The Drift Paddle mounts to any 8’ or 10’ anchor and features seven quick change locking positions that allow for easy course control. It is available in either a single or dual configuration. “The Drift Paddle gives anglers precise speed and directional control at the touch of a button. You can eas- ily change bow angle, or slow the boat all with the push of a button” explained Shamblin. “We developed it with the Great Lakes in mind. The smallmouth anglers are gonna love it as well as the guys who fish for walleye, muskie and panfish”


Since its inception, the Power-Pole anchor has under- gone constant refinement and improvement. At the 2011 ICAST Show, Power-Pole captured the Best of Show Award in the boating accessory category with the Blade. The Sig- nature Series Blade is the first model to be offered in a 10’ version. It is lighter, thinner and more aerodynamic than its predecessors. The Blade utilizes a new brushless motor and high flow pump system making it faster and quieter. In con- junction with the Blade, the company released the C-Monster Control System, the next generation of smart technology. The C-Monster allows wireless control from a key fob remote, dash or foot switch or from a smart phone. Customized per- formance including speed, independent control, synchroniza-

NeXt Up

The last several years have been a whirlwind for the folks at Power-Pole. With a Classic victory, a full pipeline of products and a planned move to a larger facility, the com- pany continues to prosper. As for what’s next, Shamblin was cautious to tip his hand, hinting only that there was more to come from the C-Monster Control System. If past history is any indication of the future, I for one can’t wait for what comes next.

To learn more about the complete line of Power-Pole shallow water anchors and accessories please visit their web- site at BWU

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