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The giant Japanese tackle manufacturer Evergreen has finally reached the U.S. market. This little crankbait designed specifically for Bassmaster Elite Series angler Morizo Shimizu has been a very well kept finesse crankbait secret. Western pro Justin Kerr has also used the Wild Hunch to cash check after check in western based pro events and thinks its a difference maker. “The Wild Hunch is my secret weapon, when everyone else is fishing a square bill I will offer the fish a little something different with the Wild Hunch. It has great action, casts great and offers the fish a little something different than what the rest of the anglers are throwing.” Evergreen products have been extremely difficult to find in the U.S. market for several years, but in late 2012 Evergreen began distribution to the U.S. making these lures easier to find. The Wild Hunch comes in several versions. The Wild Hunch SR is two inches in length and dives two to three feet. The Wild Hunch is also two inches in length and dives four to seven feet. Both models are available for approximately $20.

evergreen WiLd hunch cranKBait

Here’s a “green” product that can not only help keep you and the environment clean, but also a great prod- uct to clean your rods reels and lures with. It’s a perfect product for the boat. Want to get that oil, gas or just the human smell off your hands before retying a lure, Fisher- man’s Eco-Soap is easy to use. Spray it on, rub it in and then wipe it off. It eliminates any fish deterrent smell from your hands quickly and easily. It ac- tually has multiple uses includ- ing the aforementioned hand cleaning and gear cleaning, but it can also remove boat scum and is especially formulated to eliminate the scent of fish oils that can linger long after a day of fishing. Fisherman’s Eco Soap is non-toxic and biodegradable which earned it the EPA’s highest clas- sification of “Readily biodegradable.” Find out more about it at


FiSherMan’S eco SoaP


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