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Elite Series Pro and Bassmas- ter Classic Champion Takahiro Omori along with Lucky Craft have designed a bait that works off the body shape and style of their popular square bill models. The 3.5 RTO XD features a large lip with a tungsten insert to reach depths formerly not attainable with Lucky Craft crankbaits. The RTO 3.5 is a silent floating bait, making it the perfect bait to drive deep into the water column and deflect it off ledges or rock piles to get big fish to strike. Available in dozens of great Lucky Craft quality colors for a retail price starting at $17.99.

LucKy craFt rto 3.5 Xd cranKBait

One of our absolute favor- ite new products is the new Pivothead video recording eyewear. With a professional grade 1080p HD, 8-Megapixel camera wedged between the lens anglers can capture footage like never before. The camera has a number of set- tings that are configurable with an iPhone, iPad or computer very easily. The footage is clear and reli- able, and you won’t need mounts or extra hands to capture your footage on the water. Available in a number of frame and lens combinations, don’t miss any of those big fish catches with Pivothead eyewear. For more information visit

Pivothead video recording eyeWear

Take a traditional crankbait and merge it with sound and light technology and you get the Livingston Dive Master 14. Sound technology has quickly become a mainstay on every tournament anglers boat. This bait includes similar technology built into the bait. Add to that the red LED light action to entice fish to strike. The baits have great action in the water and even without the advanced technology these baits would load the boat. For more information visit www.LivingstonLures. com or buy them now at


LivingSton dive MaSter 14


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