BassWestUSA - Spring, 2013, Page 40

“Nobody goes there anymore, it’s too crowded,” “It ain’t over til it’s over,” - most will recognize these quotes as just a couple of many coined by the great linguist and ballplayer, Yogi Berra. While the choice of words may not be entirely well thought out, the simplicity of their underlying meaning is undeniably true.


it comes to defining creature baits, an equally confusing de- scription is often given: “It looks like everything without looking like anything.” The oxymoronic nature of that expression is probably the most accurate description one can give when defin- ing a creature bait. Take a second and look at a creature bait. A claw here, a ribbon-tail there, some unnecessary strands of plastic and voila you’ve got – well, what you’ve got is certainly something bass want. The ambiguous appear- ance of creature baits is balanced by a stone cold certainty: bass love them.



Spring 2013