BassWestUSA - Spring, 2013, Page 5


52 16 POle: 22 POWeR the Rise shAllOW WAteR AnChORs 58 Of lUKe ClAUsen A PRACtiCe dAY 28 With steVe KennedY PAddle tAil WORms 64 With tOm ReddingtOn COOl PROdUCts 34 tO CheCK OUt in 2013 fROm COllege AngleR tO 72 CReAtURe feAtURe flW ROOKie Of the YeAR 40

BRitt’s highlY CUstOmized BAss CAReeR

by Pete Robbins

destinAtiOn: lAKe fAlCOn

by Shane Beilue

by Mark Fong

by Tom Leogrande

by P.J. Pahygiannis

With miCAh fRAzieR

by Steven Reed

Q&A with Clent Davis


diOn hiBdOn: BORn tO fish

by Ned Kehde


tOURnAment sWimBAiting With PAUl BAileY

by Jen Edgar

Spring 2013