BassWestUSA - Spring, 2013, Page 59

A born and raised fisherman, it didn’t take long for success, and during Clausen’s second season he finished second in the club’s Angler of the Year standings. His success continued and he won his first bass boat while still attending high school. At this point, Clausen began to see bass fishing as a potential career. Following high school Clausen enrolled at Eastern Washington University and traveled around the West fishing in the BASS Opens. Winning several more boats, one in a BASS open and a few more in team events. Clausen also qualified for the Bassmaster Classic at the young age of twenty-one. Following college Clausen decided to move to Woodland, California to give a career in bass fishing a shot. Feeling as if there was no better time to attempt a career in fishing for he had no current responsibilities except to fulfill his passion in life. Woodland provided a perfect opportu-

Spring 2013