BassWestUSA - Spring, 2013, Page 64

The Paddle

by P.J. Pahygiannis

bass anglers, we all are looking for ways we can catch more fish. Many of us elect to cover more water in less time hoping to pick up as many bass as we can as quick as we can. We fish with fast moving lures such as spinnerbaits, topwater lures, and crankbaits, fishing them fast and covering as much water as we possibly can. Most anglers think they can only achieve this style of fishing with hard baits, but what many anglers do not know is that you can fish just as fast with a simple paddle tail worm.


The advantages

“They’re way less popular than other worm styles, so it’s a new look and feel to fish. The thump and ac- tion get the attention of bass in thick cover where they might miss more subtle presentations. They’re versatile baits that can be fished as a worm or swim them through cover a lot like a spinnerbait/swimbait hy- brid,” said bass guide and FLW Tour angler, Tom Redington. Similar to crankbaits, paddle tail worms can cover miles of water in a just a few hours of fishing. With their vibrat- ing tails, they give off vibrations similar to a crankbait or spinnerbait, but can reach that action at much slower speeds. “Thicker tails are more durable; however, thinner tails will work at slower speeds and generally have more action. Therefore, there is a fine line for the baits to make sure you have a tail that is thin enough to have



Spring 2013