BassWestUSA - Spring, 2013, Page 76

CD: College fishing programs are taking off in popularity. Many of those who hold professional ranking began their career at college fishing events. It is an exciting time for the fishing industry!

BW: What would you tell a high school aged angler about choosing a college and joining a college program? CD: I would tell them their first consideration should be to select schools based on their academic education and then consider the quality of the fishing program. It is important to earn a degree. Montevallo, Auburn, and Virginia Tech all have established fishing programs that are hard to surpass. However, if the college you choose does not have a program, you get the opportunity to build the club yourself and make it into what you want. What I am trying to say is don’t sweat the fishing it will take care of itself.

BW: What would you like to see different about college fishing? CD: Back when I was competing at the college level prizes were trophies not cash. Our society has become too cash happy and it takes away from the quality of fishing. Let me ask you, does a college student need to be making ten thousand at one event? I just know that I fished for trophies and was thrilled to do so.

BW: Now that you are fishing at the Tour Level do you plan to work with the college anglers to help them along? CD: Without a doubt. I want to stay connected with the school I went to and ensure that their fishing program stays strong. I hope to be able to guide them and be able teach them some of my knowledge about fishing. Most importantly, I want to advocate for the importance of them earning a degree and to help them to realize that fishing isn’t a guaranteed career and it is smart to have a fall back plan.

BW: How well did you do in college fishing? Did you make money fishing while in college? CD: My partner, Chuck and I, won three events and had a number of other great finishes. We were able to lead a national championship, but all in all, we didn’t make a lot of money fishing at the college level. Trophies and pack- ages were more common. BWU

I just know that I fished for trophies and was thrilled to do so.



Spring 2013