BassWestUSA - Spring, 2013, Page 80

is pre-spawn time, for most of the country, and the bass have not quite moved up yet but are itching at the need to get up on a bed, and you are itching to get out of bed and on the water. A storm front moves in and this is when you will find Paul Bailey so excited to throw swimbaits, he can hardly stand it Yet, as we all know, those perfect days are few and far between, but most of us steer away from the ugly stuff. That doesn’t matter to Bailey, given any situation, he is chucking and winding those swimbaits with a fierceness few people have and many of his best swimbait days are “weather ugly.” Paul Bailey is very well known for big bass, swimbaiting and tournament limits in the mid 30s aren’t out of the question anytime he signs up. Although most of us still watch our Big Bait Posse DVD, I as- sure you that he is no stranger to the western tournament circuits. Bailey has 28 plus team victories in


Photo Courtesy FLW and Gary Mortenson



Spring 2013