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for him. “It’s not a go-go gadget big bass magnet, I wish, but it certainly helps to have all the information I can get. Plus, believe it or not, just paying close attention to the time fish feed in different areas is very important. I am amazed at how punctual bass are. Don’t get me wrong it doesn’t always happen like that, but it does enough that I make sure I pay close attention to that detail.” When it comes to choosing an area to throw a swim- bait, really just go out and fish the bait, try new areas and retrieves. Paul mentions there are areas that house what he calls “resident fish.” These are the fish that will move around a general area and stay local all year long. They will change their feeding habits to adjust within that element to survive. Paul claims these are the fish he can catch year after year, knowing they will be there and willing to protect their house! With Paul’s calming and reassuring tips in swimbait fishing, it’s that time of year to put it all to your own use. Happy Swimbaiting! BWU

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