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tween a bunch of different styles and we look forward to feedback from our readers to keep us headed in a better direction. Be sure to tell a few fishing friends about us. Safe travels, TL

What happened to the “West” part of BassWestUSA? It seems like every issue has less and less western anglers in it. JK - Corona, CA

JK, We appreciate you reading the magazine and understand your concern about losing the West. Truth be told, we did that for a reason. With the television show doing so well nationally, we wanted to start to focus the magazine on a national level. How- ever, we’ve received so much feedback asking for us to bring back I’ve been a fan of BassWest since I first ran across it while some western influence to the magazine. In this issue, I think you working in Orange county a number of years ago. My primary will be happy to see a more balanced approach. While we do still focus has always been to learn. That means I read as much as is have national level pro’s we have also featured quite a few western available (two of my favorite works are by Bill Murphy and the oth- pro anglers as well. To start with we have Luke Clausen on the er by John Hope) to understand fish behavior/tendencies. Bass- cover, arguably one of the greatest anglers ever from the West West has always been my ‘window’ into the more cutting edge Coast, add in Paul Bailey with Tournament Swimbaiting and a few developments in play by Western Anglers who seem also to be a pro columns from western-based pros. We will bit more in contact with what’s developing in Japan. I continue to work on the balance of western vs. respect that this is not ‘my’ maga- The Firs national level anglers as we move forward. zine... just wanted to log on with the T And Fin Al Word on BAss Fishing Thanks, following comments. New tech- TL niques as they develop in the east Spring 2012 (a-rig, long-lining): cool, cover them for what they are. Just hoping that along with the effort to be a much Choosing broader-based magazine that focus rip BAiTs wiTh Luke CLAu sen on teaching/helping guys who fish Hey guys, for ‘fun’ (friends, small clubs) doesn’t I am tired of reading about Alabama get lost. Bear in mind, that while I ap- Pro (Umbrella) rigs, there are other ways to preciate folks enjoying their names T e x a s ’ Q uick catch fish. Can you please stop writing Um- in print, tournament results pages BiG BAss Tips brella rig articles? are almost a complete waste of time sTorm you musT CO - Lodi, CA for me. Unless you can get the win- hAve now! ning guys to really open up about why, how the executed their plan...which is CO, when all of us ‘competitive’ folks clam While I agree with your assessment up awful fast. Cali anglers/west coats that there have been a lot of umbrella rig guys just ‘think’ differently. That ability/ articles and it’s probably time to move on, approach is very important and some- believe it or not there are still a lot of an- thing to keep ‘alive’...hoping it doesn’t g in h glers who haven’t tried it. I think you will get ‘watered down’ with too much cross- Ass Fis rd on B inAl Wo F d n A sT The Fir be pleasantly surprised that we devoted pollination with the East Coast... There only a single page of this magazine to the is a uniqueness to the anglers and the umbrella rig. angling thought process out there... summer 2012 Thanks, hope you can see it for the great value TL it is and how that approach helps all of us here East of the Rockies... KB - Omaha, NE





I just wanted to say thanks for the great read. I travel a lot and bringing BassWestUSA along for the ride definitely helps pass the time in the airports. EG - Peoria, AZ

EG, Thanks for the good words. We are work- ing on the magazine a lot. It’s morphing be-

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KB, Thanks for the input. It’s input like this the helps keep us on focus for what the readers want. We ap- preciate the fact that you under- stand that you are not our only au- dience. We only hope that we can use the 90ish pages in this maga- zine and give everyone a little of what they want. I think we’ve hit at least one of your requests head

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