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Dear Bass West, I am just curious what has happened to tour- nament fishing in the western states? It just seems like participa- tion is way down and everyone has an opinion as to why. I think it would be a great article to talk with the bigger organizations and shed some light above the obvious economic conditions. PA - Las Vegas, NV

Paul, that’s really a great idea for a piece. I think there have been a number of reasons, economics, too many trails to chose from, laziness of anglers who no longer will travel, gas prices, lack of corporate sponsorships etc. Let’s face it, in any event in the west, even the larger ones, we’re all just fishing for our own money. That in itself has hurt tournament angling. Maybe getting directors to all chime in would bring some awareness to anglers, to the orga- nizations themselves and to cooperate, sponsors need to bring the numbers back to the level we all enjoyed a decade ago. I will put it on the plate for fall and see what we can come up with. Thanks for the input! JC

Paul, as a tournament director of trail events all the way up to major Pro-Ams, I can agree with Jamie that there are a bevy of reasons for the decline in Western participation numbers. This is definitely a politically hot topic! HUtCH

Just wanted to drop you guys a line and tell you I loved the Roy Hawk Show on Havasu! I absolutely couldn’t believe how he just laid it all out there. That had to be one of the most informative shows I have ever seen. It never occurred to me that mud ducks


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could be so beneficial in targeting bass. We usually look for the meat eaters to give us clues but vegetarian ducks? Man, what a great show and Roy Hawk is just a stud to be so honest. Very cool! DS - Victorville, CA

Dave, yeah, that was a really a cool experience. Roy is in my opinion, one of the best anglers and personalities in the entire On all orders over him, $50. as it’s been sport. It was a real pleasure to hop in a boat with Some apply, website for details. years for both of us. The restrictions week before that see show was filmed, Roy weighed an almost 10-pound fish in an event and has just been on fire on Havasu. I think I was just as surprised that he would divulge his secrets for winning events on Havasu. Hey, thanks for the input and thanks for tuning in! JC

Hey guys. I just wanted to thank you for the free sample of your magazine. I live in the great state of Texas and found your offer on a local forum. You have a really solid magazine. My boy and I are really excited to get our next issue and check out some more great articles. Well done, and thank you again. GW - Tyler, TX

Gary, glad you found us! Keep in touch as we are really curi- ous what you southern boys think about our publication. Over 800 Texas anglers took advantage of the offer and you are the 1st to contact us with some feedback so we really appreciate it. We are always looking for lunkers and kids photos so maybe you could remind some of your buddies on the TFF to send in photos of those donkeys!! JC

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