BassWestUSA - Summer, 2013, Page 24

longer days of summer offer bass anglers something that many look forward to all year long – an opportunity to pursue bass at night. Night time bass fishing throws a whole new twist on the sport. Whether your pursuit is competitive or purely recreational, the limited vision you experience while night fishing forces the angler to rely more heavily on senses that you take for granted during the daytime. The in- ability to see a strike or spot your catch until it is right at the boat adds excitement to our normal diurnal pastime. Some key elements to take into consideration when pursuing bass at night would include the following:



Without a doubt, organization within the vessel you will be night fishing out of is of paramount importance. When it is dark, you don’t want to be tripping over rods, tackle boxes, and landing nets when you move about. Darkness will exacerbate every possible problem you might have during daylight hours like tangled baits, snagged nets, etc. For a night fishing excursion, you and your partner should lay your gear out carefully and make a habit of putting everything back in the exact same place for familiarity and to avoid tangles. Don’t lay out your usual array of 8 rods on the deck – instead pick three or four main themes and stick with them. Have baits put in an area ready to go for re-ties and such. Make sure your landing net is free from getting snagged when you need it most.

Safety is also a major concern when fishing and boating in the darkness. It is very highly recommended that you become intimately familiar with the body of water that you will be fishing at night from a navigational standpoint. It is also a good idea to continually wear your lifevest at night as your odds of ending up in the




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