BassWestUSA - Summer, 2013, Page 44

BW: In a Pro vs. Co angler event, how do you compensate when the Pro is less than cooperative in sharing water or boat positioning? KW: The pro is not going to be giving out much information; you have to concentrate on catching your fish and not worrying about what the pro is doing and how many fish they have caught. You have to learn to fish tight to the boat or fish open water because the pro is doing what they have to do to catch fish and not worry about you or the boat position to help you out. This is where your own personal strengths as an angler are going to have to shine.

BW: What would you say your most effective bait/technique has been when fishing waters that your pro has already worked? KW: My go to bait is a Dropshot, Jig, or Top Water. The drop shot rig allows you to cover water that the pro may have missed and the finesse aspect of the presentation catches fish that might have been missed or did not want to bite on a reaction type presentation. Topwaters will let you cover a lot of water the pro may have missed altogether. Topwater also allows you to fish behind the boat without snagging.

BW: You have drawn some big name pros in the past at events such as the U.S. Open and FLW events. How do you keep from becoming star struck and what do you do to keep your focus-confidence level in check?

Photo by Bill Mays



Summer 2013