BassWestUSA - Summer, 2013, Page 50

Takeyama notes that while the spring and summer are op- timal top water periods, lures like his RomanMade Throb can be deadly nearly all year long. The Throb looks like the result of a misbegotten union between a swim bait and buzz bait as it features swinging joints connecting the five-segmented body sections and a buzz blade tail to churn up the water as it moves across the surface. Takeyama likes to rip the lure abruptly to create a lot of disturbance. The Throb’s buoyant body, lure weight and lure size are very well suited for fishing with a longer swim bait style rod.

One of the hottest newcomers to the show, kevin hawk sees top water fishing as a necessity to competitive angling. In fact, Kevin is surprised that many pros have relegated this pat- tern to mostly just frog fishing. “Top water fishing is a specific pattern and it isn’t one you just pick up and stay with. You need good data to indicate top water fishing is going to produce.” says Kevin. Kevin employs a “run-n-gun” style of fishing. Keeping his foot on the trolling motor and covering ground has played a huge part in his success. “But with a run and gun approach you need to have accurate lure presentation to be effective,” says Kevin. Making pinpoint casts is crucial. Kevin likes top water lures with weight transfer systems for that reason. “Hav- ing a lure where the weight descends to the rear tail area for casting dramatically increases your odds of accurately placing your bait into the targets you are casting towards,” Hawk noted. “When I throw a weight transfer bait like the Realis Pencil 110 walking bait, I’ll throw it on 50lb braid Seaguar Kanzen



Summer 2013