BassWestUSA - Summer, 2013, Page 69

into the arid high desert landscape of Southwest Idaho rests a 7,500 surface acre oasis and one of the top bass fishing destinations in the Gem state – C.J. Strike Reservoir. Created by damming the confluence of the Snake and Bruneau Rivers back in 1952, this reservoir meanders through canyons carved out by both rivers, creating a scenic waterway for recreational boaters and fishermen alike. Much like the desert river lakes of the southwest U.S., C.J. Strike offers up a phenomenal fishery for those who know how to ply its fish laden waters. Smallmouth and largemouth bass are plentiful year round and the population is healthy since there is a bounty of forage fish in terms of trout, crappie, and yellow perch to keep these fish plump. Typical C.J. Strike bass are porky and run in the 2-4 pound range, with many larger fish being taken throughout the course of the year. Brent Shores and George Edes are the owners of Accu-Cull systems operating out of Boise Idaho. This duo has spent a significant amount of time on CJ Strike and has parlayed their years of experience on this water to catch their share of fish and tournament winnings along the way. The duo shares their experiences on C.J. Strike by breaking down the lake by season.

Summer 2013