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“The weather is going to dictate how you approach the lake during the spring months,” noted Shores. “The lake can be pretty windy on most days as it transitions out of the winter months and fishermen are going to have to adapt to this. Since it is really hard to spot fish and hold position in 20+ mile per hour winds, I have traditionally done my best throwing search baits such as rattle traps or crank baits. A shallow crank and grind retrieve in 2-5 feet of water will work best since you will hang up frequently if you are trying to use a “drop and pop” technique with the rattle traps The fish tend to move around a lot looking for food during the months when the water is warming come get your craw on! so covering as much water as you can will usually work best. Crawfish colors with a bit of red in them tend to be solid powerful up hook-ups the predominant pattern of choice in the spring.” “On those days when the weather cooperates, anglers can slow down and pinpoint fish holding off of the hard clay banks or other structure. When this opportunity arises, I like to use tube baits that are crawdad type patterns such as Green Pumpkin and Black with Red flakes.”

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“The weather becomes a bit less tumultuous in the summer and this is when a variety of approaches will catch fish,” Shores stated. “Probably the go to pattern that I employ the most would be fishing twin tail jigs or dropshot- ting a bit deeper water. Guys can catch fish on almost any bait though. Crankbaits tend to catch the smaller fish midnight blue in camo the summer copperhead and when I do crank, I will also opt for larger baits such as a Bill Norman DD22 to not only get down deeper, but the larger bait will keep some of the nuisance fish such as crappie and yellow perch away from your bait. The lake has no natural shad population, so the bass are feeding mostly on perch, crappie, squawfish, bass, and catfish fry during the summer. Your bait patterns should mimic these fry.” “Flukes are also another popular summer bait and white and perch patterns tend to produce best,” Shores commented. those days watermelon when you do have some wind, spinnerbaits will produce as well.” purple passion “On texas craw


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