BassWestUSA - Summer, 2013, Page 75

the latest technology. I try to go off grid and find lures with amazing action that haven’t been thrown a lot. This is seriously one of the primary reasons I began throwing Realis baits. Nobody had heard of this company. Their design and technology was proven but different, giving me a little jump on some of the competitors.” Kevin says he is now with DUO/Realis full time as a sponsored angler and enjoys learning about this company’s innovations. He purports giving his fish a different “look” like wave-frequency and profile increases his chances. Some of these bodies of water that house FLW and BASS sanctioned events are already susceptible to pressures from local tourneys and anglers. At times, Kevin has to compete on a lake that has had a tournament on it every single weekend. Finding new gear really does help. BassWest decided to put the heat on Kevin (just a little). We asked the pro to give us just one lure that has opened his eyes. “After several days of grass fishing on one of BASS old grass lakes I discovered an excellent lure, the Realis Vibration 68. It is shocking how thin this lure is… I’d never seen a lipless with this profile (a freak of nature). You can’t believe your eyes. I took it upon myself to learn the idiosyncrasies of the Vibration 68. Its ultra thin profile aids it in coming through vegetation better. It has a unique flutter on slack line and the sound chamber has a unique acoustics and the vibration is not boisterous. The difference in frequency gives it a clear advantage. Finally, you can cast it right into the wind effortlessly. I won’t share (at this time) how I am fishing it but it plays into the way I fish perfectly.” From a hardy angler to talented pro, Kevin appears to have made the right decisions at the right time. His alliance with DUO is no mistake. His career earnings and achievements are examples of a professional angler taking full advantage of what comes his way. BassWest USA wishes Kevin a fabulous adventure in the BASS Elites. Good luck, Kevin!! BWU

Summer 2013