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Xcite Baits is proud to introduce a lure that is sure to become your “go to” bait for shallow cranking applications. The XB-1 is a square billed crank bait with a tungsten ball bearing housed internally to put out a maximum amount of noise. The tungsten rattle also acts as a weight transfer system, moving to the back of the bait during casting to cut through the wind for maxi- mum distance. The fact that the lure basically “looks at you” during the cast also prevents the line from tangling in the hooks and lets the bait engage the moment you start cranking. Equipped with a pair of ultra sharp black matte treble hooks, the float- ing XB-1 is 2-1/4 inches long and will achieve depths of 2-5 feet during retrieve. Available in 14 custom colors.

xCite baitS xb-1

Owner’s unique Jig Rig is the ultimate for fishing soft plastics along the bottom. The Jig Rig’s slim profile weight casts like a bul- let and drops straight down through even the thickest vegetation. Unlike most other similar set-ups, Owner’s Jig Rig allows the hook to move independently of the weight, giving plastics more freedom of movement and a more natural look. The Twist Lock Jig Rig will allow you to perfectly and permanently rig your plastic without worrying about it twisting on the hook. The Jig Rig is available with either lead or tungsten weight and is offered in hook sizes 1, 1/0, 3/0, and 5/0 in both an offset or twistlock hook.

oWner Jig rig

Waterdog outdoorS retriever rig

The Waterdog Outdoors Retriever Rig is an umbrella rig, which holds up to five lures. Unlike other A-rigs, the Retriever Rig is built of U.S.-made quality compo- nents – Rosco Swivels with heavy stain- less lock snaps and .051 stainless steel wires which are twisted within the head to prevent separating. The head of the bait features a custom paint that is coated with a super strong polymer for durability. All of these features place the Retriever Rig in a class of its own – an American- made product that provides you with winning results you can count on. The Waterdog Outdoors Retriever Rig retails for around $18.99 and comes in a variety of colors.

The Bass Kandi Croaker is a 3.5” float- ing frog bait that is perfect for a wide vari- ety of applications. The Croaker is poured such that it has the perfect mix of salt and softness to drive bass crazy. The grooved cut on the bottom of the bait allows you to rig it weedless and toss fearlessly into the heaviest of surface cover. The Croaker’s dual legs paddle across open water, mak- ing it perfect to swim from pad to pad. Available in 5 packs in Watermelon Apple, White, Watermelon Red, and Green Pumpkin/Orange belly.

baSS kandi Croaker



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